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International medical service provides more convenience to the patients

To have better medical service than home country, medical tourism has become a more popular word. For example, Asian patients with cancer or cardiovascular diseases would go to Japan or other developed countries for the advanced treatments. In the realm of reproductive medicine, the condition for patients who need donated oocytes is different. Since the law restricted the oocyte donation in Japan, patients must find a solution overseas.

The assisted reproductive technology has been developed around one decade in Taiwan. In 2007, the oocyte donation was allowed in Taiwan by the authority decree, and the oocyte cryopreservation for social reason as well. For patients with authorized marriage certificate, they can take the oocyte-donation program if the wife's ovarian reserve displayed significant diminished, because taking more IVF cycles seems inefficient.

Not many countries in Asia allow oocyte donation, such as Japan, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), Singapore, and Philippines. Thus more and more overseas patients came to Taiwan for the oocyte donation program. To provide more information to the patients who needs donated oocytes, the Stork Fertility Center held an orientation in Fukuota, Japan, on 6th, November, 2016. 

Until 2016, Seventy-five fertility centers in Taiwan provides the oocyte donation program. Among them, the Stork Fertility Center had our own oocyte bank, which can be immediately used after appropriate matching process. The majority of oocyte recipients were from mainland China, including Hong Kong and Macau, and the second was from Japan.

The first orientation was held in the Grand Hyatt Hotel of Fukuota, since most Japanese patients were from there. In the future, the orientation would be held in Tokyo (April, 2017) and Osaka (August, 2017). By the interactions with the audience, we can understand the patients' real needs and expectations.

The past records of Stork Fertility Center showed that half of patients can achieve successful pregnancy after the first cryotransfer, and around 90% of patients can achieve successful pregnancy after the second cryotransfer. The oldest case was a 62-year old woman.

After the orientation, the team also had a birthday party for the patients' IVF babies. The superintendent of Stork Fertility Center, Dr.Lai, said that," our goal is to help the couples who need baby to start a family, no matter how difficult it is."

The advantages of SFC donor/recipient program:

1. Only two steps in Taiwan:

2. High quality and sufficient donor bank:
 - 4 blood types: A/B/O/AB
- Complete health evaluation: psychological consultation, genetic screening, infection disease screening, and ovarian function tests
3. Professional and Personal consulting agent
 - English/Japanese/Cantonese
4. Hospitality and Transportation
 - Airport transportation (optional)
- Hospitality in Stork Fertility Center (optional)
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