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A home-run and an additional Y chromosome

The result of pregnancy test made her extraordinarily happy — 100% positive. 

However, the following amniocentesis report turned her down immediately...

A real story was shared by the doctor of Stork Fertility Center.

She made an appointment for saying good-bye to me. The entire IVF progress was filled difficulties. And just like another temptation to her, God gave an additional Y chromosome to the transferred embryo. Although the risk existed, she decided to continue the gestation. She said,

"I prayed for a Y chromosome, but He gave me two. "

When she first visited us, she had two daughters already, but she still wanted to have a boy in her family. However, the expected third baby delayed to join their family, and finally she made an appointment with the fertility specialist. The hormone test showed that her ovaries was declining (FSH=24.6mIU/mL). She could not accept this diagnosis initially until underwent two consecutive failure in the IUI and IVF treatments. In that IVF cycle, only three mature oocytes were retrieved.

That's why she came to us and requested an IVF treatment. I refused her because she had two daughters already according to the record. After she told me the condition, I was hesitated. (To have boys and girls is a dream of most people.)

I started her stimulation in the September. The response in left ovary was poor, and only five mature oocytes were retrieved from the right ovary. Two of the four oocytes were normally fertilized (fertilization rate = 50%). While the embryologist reported the outcome of culturing, the unexpectedly lower fertilization rate turned her down. The development of embryos were not good either, so she decided to transfer a day 4 morula. 

The result was disappointed. After two months for resting, she entered the IVF cycle again. Seven oocytes were harvested this time, but only one were normally fertilized. On day 5, only one early blastocyst was available to be transferred. Only one usable embryo twice made her quite frustrated. She had no confidence to the result. I encouraged her with all my efforts, and reminded her that the only embryo could be the best one.

On the day of pregnancy test, she was totally delighted by the clear "positive" result. A home-run was made by the only embryo. She kept this good mood until the amniocentesis report was released. She phoned me that the baby has mosaic 47,XXY/46,XY (mosaic Klinefelter syndorme). I tried my best to comfort her and made a referral to the related specialist.

Today, she came to my suite with her two girls. I already knew her decision from the smile face. In the end of this summer vacation, her family will welcome a baby boy.

Many people did not know that they have the premature ovarian failure unless they came to the fertility specialists. Most cases faced this problem with pessimism or passive attitudes. Some people just convinced themselves that everything was fine, and some pretended that they would not like to have kids. Fortunately, this case choose to solve the problem positively with an optimistic attitude. Perhaps she was already a mother of two daughters, she clearly knew what she need. And the last thing was how to meet the need.

It was a happy ending. As a sentence from Count of Monte Cristo, "all human wisdom is summed up in two words: wait and hope."
To all the friends who suffered the same problem, I just want to say,

"Yes, you can."

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