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A sign of euploid embryo

Although the PGS is well validated and prevalent in the IVF realm, the cost and invasive method are still the main concerns in the patients. Besides, not every embryo is tolerant to the biopsy procedure.

1/8 couple suffered by infertile issue in the world

17,000 IVF cycles per year in Taiwan

1.5-fold growth of IVF babies during 1998 to 2012 in Taiwan

Advanced maternal age, male factor, premature ovarian failure, repeated miscarriage, and unexplained cause are several indications of infertility.

In addition, chromosome anomaly of embryo was found as one of the main reasons to the pregnancy failure. Except doing the preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) to see the chromosome constitution directly, several researches tried to find the indicators of emrbyo ploidy from many parameters in embryo development. Some scientific reports displayed the correlation between embryo morphology and chromosome constitution. However, the significant relationship remains controversy.

Another article focused on correlation between chromosome aneuploidy and blastulation time (time of blastocyst formation). It indicated that the euploid blastocysts formed faster than the aneuploid blastocysts with single or multiple chromosome aneuploidy.

In a report released in the 2015 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Society of Reproductive Medicine (TSRM), a research group found that the embryo with early blastulation (EB) in 95-97 hours post insemination (hpi) displayed higher euploid rate than those with EB later 95-97 hpi (47.6% vs. 35.1%), though the following clinical outcomes showed no significant differences between these two groups.

Further investigations of embryo development and chromosome constitution were still necessary. And the system of time-lapse culture may help us to observe the process more accurately.

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