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Overseas IVF: the best gift after visiting Taiwan twice

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Although my parents-in-law did not push us to have babies, I knew that they were eager to have grand children. When the baby really came to my family, I felt that our home became more complete.

When I see my adorable baby, I can't stop appreciating the anonymous donor and Stork Fertility Center. My mother-in-low told me that she is refreshing and energetic every day. My father-in-low said that he feels released from his chronic disease and joyful. These happened after the baby came to my house.

At first of my marriage, my parents-in-law did not push us to have babies, but I just knew that they were so eager to have the grand children. That's why my family have been changed so much after the baby came. In the very beginning, I was not that eager to be a mother, and I did not want to be a dinky in the rest of my life either. As time went by, I found that my friends became parents gradually, and I was still occupied by piles of work. I started to join several mother-to-be forums and hoped that it would be my turn soon. However, my baby did not show up. It might be caused by my terrible life style, which was filled by tight works and lack of exercises. I noticed that pregnancy was difficult, so I started trying some herbal medicines. Luckily, I was pregnant after trying for a few months. Since the beta-HCG value seemed so good, I stopped taking the herbal medicines and the related monitoring. I thought that it was all right.

The worst thing occurred after the first trimester. When I went back to the hospital, my doctor told me that the embryo had stopped growing. It was such a shock!

I began googling and trying again, but the things did not work. After I did the genetic exam, the report said that my chromosomes existed balanced translocation, which was a common cause to recurrent miscarriage. The related websites said that IVF plus PGS/PGD may help the success rate, but the technique was not prevalent at my locality.

At first, I underwent several IVF/PGS programs at some nearby cities, but the results were disappointed. I clearly knew that I must find another solution. Nothing could stop me to be a mother. I prepared to do it overseas, and applied for a new work position, which was more flexible, and exercised three times a week. 

After doing some online works, I choose the Stork Fertility Center. The doctors there suggested me doing the IVF/PGS again. Considering about my schedule and budget, I finally decided to take the oocyte donation program, which was more efficient at my age. Like the other recipients, I was bothered by the relatives' attitudes, the future appearance of child and the other trivial concerns.

I asked myself," which is more important, the appearance or the health of my child?" 

If the baby's blood was not from me, wouldn't we love him/her that much? Absolutely no. He or she would be in my womb, and exchange everything with me. After he/she was born, he or she would accompany with us in so many years. Compared to the desire of having a child, these problems seemed so negligible.

I finally made up my mind, and entered the program. The decision was so right.

During the program, I only came to Taiwan two times, one for the paper works, and one for the frozen embryo transfer. The embryo was just stably implanted in my womb after the first cryotransfer. Until the baby came out of my body, every one said that he looked like me so much.

The journey of having babies was not easy every moment, but I almost could not remember that period when I am with my baby. When the miracle really came to my home, all the pain was just in the hazy memory.

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Per two patients with egg-donated program in Taiwan, there would be one from the Stork Fertility Center. 

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  1. Thanks such techniques that mothers like you can have your own babies. Such tech and related drug discovery will be more advanced to help more people like you.